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Leveraging Data to Better Help You Retain, Grow, and Win Customers
Sales Leadership Community Podcast – John Thackston (VP, Client Engagements, SOAR Performance Group) Interview of Rick Reynolds (CEO, AskForensics) | June 2019

Key Account Buying Team Members’ Emotional Responses Awarding Multi-Million Dollar Sales Contracts
Industrial Marketing Management | November 2018

Are You Fooling Yourself About Customer Retention?
Selling Brew Playbook | October 2017

Three Ways to Wow B2B Buyers with Account Support
Selling Power Blog | January 2017

The Silent Majority? Taking Steps to Eliminate Vulnerable Accounts 
SureMeeting | December 2016



The Annual SalesForensics Report reveals statistical data regarding why Fortune-ranked companies win or lose multi-million dollar sales. The data is from the AskForensics Knowledgebase™, which contains sales and account data of more than $14 billion worth of client and prospect accounts of Fortune-ranked companies. The SalesForensics Report is designed to provide executives of enterprise companies with insight into how to win more multi-million dollar deals and fortify existing client accounts.

When citing data from this report, please credit AskForensics and link back to



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