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You’re likely surrounded by data you’ve spent thousands (maybe millions) of dollars collecting, yet you still don’t have the answers. Why? Because it’s in disparate systems making it nearly impossible to analyze and it lacks one critical source of information to complete the picture — the candid views of your prospects and customers.

PredictiveAnalytics enables your company to take corrective actions at critical points deep within the sales funnel. Powered by AskForensics’ proprietary algorithms and the AskForensics Knowledgebase™, your company will maximize sales closure rates and account retention, decrease sales costs, and get the most out of your existing internal data.


AskForensics provides a powerful data resource to predict sales and account outcomes, as well as recommendations for proactively initiating corrective actions.

With PredictiveAnalytics, you can leverage your investment in existing data by adding Forensics insights to produce actionable reports on sales and retention. While most predictive analytics tools focus on the top of the funnel, AskForensics focuses on the bottom of the funnel where your investment, risk and rewards are greatest.



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