The AskForensics Knowledgebase™

AskForensics provides an invaluable tool to grow your revenue and profit. As an AskForensics client, you will have ongoing access to the AskForensics Knowledgebase™ to provide a big-picture, quantitative view of your company’s overall performance at a glance. This secure, confidential resource, presented ingraphic_laptop an easy-to-use, graphical format, includes real-time trends and vulnerabilities taken from aggregated data from multiple SalesForensics and AccountForensics Reports. The Knowledgebase links statistics with rich quotes for full context and understanding to help you better manage and grow your business. Through the Knowledgebase, you will be able to:

  • Gain succinct executive insights into enterprise-wide performance at a single point and over time
  • Identify issues and leverage findings throughout all accounts and prospects
  • Statistically benchmark and monitor ongoing performance
  • Gain quantitative, graphical insights into your business
  • Train and coach your teams

The Knowledgebase is comprised of data from more than $14 billion worth of contracts and proposals, over $6 billion of which profiles at-risk accounts. With the AskForensics Knowledgebase, you will achieve continued improvement throughout your organization and drive more sales.

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