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When dealing with multi-million dollar accounts, winning or losing just one prospect or customer has a significant impact on your company’s bottom line. Don’t just assume you know why you win or lose sales opportunities or how you are performing in existing accounts — uncover the truth.

Using a forensic science approach to sales, AskForensics delivers objective insight into what’s really happening behind the scenes with your prospects and customers. We ask the questions you can’t and provide knowledge you don’t have. SalesForensics examines why you won or lost a bid, and AccountForensics uncovers potential areas of growth and vulnerability in existing accounts.

AskForensics has evaluated more than $10.6 billion worth of prospect and client accounts for world-class Fortune-ranked companies, identifying more than $3.2 billion of vulnerable accounts. We have generated millions of dollars in ROI for our clients.

At the end of the day, your customers’ perceptions become your sales reality. Give us a call at 404-425-9407, or send us an e-mail, to find out how we will help your company win more deals and fortify your existing accounts.

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